See You Monday!

Hey guys - I'm still in Minnesota - back in the NYC on Sunday evening. Can't wait, it's so pretty here, but I miss all the good food & culture back in the city! Today I wanted to say thank you to a few ladies who have bought some of my work/designs & showed it off on their blogs! Here are a few of this weeks favorites. Enjoy your weekend!

Above is Julie's Metallic Silver love print - love how she styled it! 

The pretty Julie above from Elliven blog. Here she is sporting my first iPhone case - available here

 How about this gorgeous credenza belonging to Anya from Elegantly Untamed blog. Love how she displayed my Cocoa & Hearts painting, don't you?

above - more cocoa & hearts paintings - this time framed in Joanna Toro's home.

A pretty bedroom for her daughter via sue at home. She decided on lot of color & a custom ABC Kids print from MadeByGirl.


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Moving Again...

Hey guys! How are you? We've been in Minnesota for the last day & will be back in NYC on Sunday evening. As some of you may know - we're going to be moving - again. God-willing we'll find an apartment here in the city & be moved in by early or mid November.  Crazy huh? The reason we're moving is because the construction in our current area has gotten to me & it's gotten to the point that we just have to go!

So, with that said, we've been looking at apartments here & there - and of course, what we'd really like, isn't always what we can afford. Know the feeling??  It sucks sometimes, but I'm sure God will lead us in the right direction despite any current obstacles. I looked through Sotheby's the other day - of course, daydreaming, & came across a dream apartment. It's so inspiring. In fact I can't wait to move & start the decoration process over again. I know my guy isn't looking forward to it because he's the one that ends up having to hang everything up on walls & so on.  I'm hoping the apartment-hunting experience will be a smooth one. We shall see.

Have you ever been apartment HUNTING in NYC? What was your experience like?

 -images via sotheby's
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Bits Of My Week

lunch at home 

here we are riding the bus

No, that isn't my church. I just loved the way they honored these guys...

if you haven't tried this, you must - break several pieces of dark chocolate into your oatmeal & let it melt with the heat - delicious! I like to use Mast Brothers Chocolate.

As we were walking we saw this kid's bike tied & locked to a railing in the city- too cute.

stumptown coffee- one of my faves now...

the new Verismo machine by Starbucks -makes Starbucks style coffee!

-images by jen ramos

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Fashion: The Wool Trouser

Hi guys! Jocelyn here. I'm sure many of you have already prepared your wardrobe for fall. I definitely have. San Francisco pretty much has fall weather year round so I am no stranger to layering, light jackets, and knitted fabrics. 

One fashion essential that I'll be splurging on this season is a sleek wool trouser. It's nice to mix things up and give denim a break every once in a while. A jewel tone or warm shade looks chic and sophisticated without looking too business-y.

Here is a look at two ways to dress up a pair. I love the classic feel of the first outfit and the playfulness of the second. Do you guys have a favorite? How would you wear it?

-post by jocelyn sanchez

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Trend: Leather Panel Leggings

Hey everyone! Ladies, this post is for you! This past Sunday while at church, a friend of mine was wearing the coolest leggings with leather panels! I almost died when I saw them! It's not that I hadn't seen leather panel leggings before but I'd never seen them in person! Can you believe that?!? They were gorgeous!!!!!

Stupid me, I didn't ask her which brand they were - but they looked very similar to number 1 - (My favorite). I'm considering getting a pair of these BEAUTIES for the fall/winter season, I bet they'd go great with a pair of booties! 

NOT ALL of the leggings you'll come across will be REAL leather, many will actually be faux - so MAKE SURE you read the descriptions carefully! Below are 6 different styles to choose from.

Would you sport this type of legging? Which do you like best?

1. oak
3. bcbg
4. tasha
6. bcbg

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DIY: How to Make Studded Sandals

Monday is here again....hello all! It's Anna, and today, I'm sharing a fun little DIY project to embellish and add a little edge to just about anything. 

I am really digging anything black, leather and studded these days, so I decided to make my own. I started with these sandals and ordered these 12mm studs. With both in hand, I got to work:

I began embellishing my sandals by centering the stud on the strap. 

The 2 claws will cut through to the backside by being gently pressed. 

Continue working your way out while keeping the same distance between each stud.

Once your studs are in place, bend the claws inward on the backside. 

Enjoy! They've fast become my new best friend. 

-post by anna weaver

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My NYC Home Office

Hello everyone! I finally wanted to share some photos of my current office space here in my NYC apartment. These particular photos were shot by Janis Nicolay earlier this year. When I first decorated this space, I wanted something WILD & colorful, so I added FLOR tiles - which I love by the way & colorful art!

Interestingly enough, I just found out we'll be moving to another apartment in November!!!!  That means apartment NYC hunting next month + new office...woo hoo! Exciting!

Zebra print tiles are by FLOR

Abstract artwork is my own - you can see more in my online gallery via cocoa & hearts

all food prepared by my husband

hanging to the left is my 1st ever cocoa & hearts painting!!

gold love print via my shop made by girl

-images by janis nicolay

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