Guest Post: By Drew

Hello dears, Happy Halloween! I'm Drew, over from the design and fashion blog, Coral Cafe. I am extremely thrilled Jen invited me to share with you today while she's back from her vacation & settling in! Made by Girl is a daily visit for me and being a graphic designer myself, I find numerous amounts of inspiration and tips on interiors, fashion, art and design by following Jen. 

Today, I'm sharing my Top 10 Home Accessories that will turn your home into a glamorous and appealing abode!
First off, TRAYS. Using trays to hold vases, frames, flowers and little trinkets gives a coffee table, bed or counterspace a real touch of flair and personality. I am always intrigued with the way a tray is styled and composed, giving me insight into the homeowners personal style and individuality.
 I'm sure most would agree that LIGHTING is KEY when making your home feel cozy and giving it that extra touch of luxuriousness. Using lamps and chandeliers sets the mood for the overall feel of a room, by far. Lighting is also used to illuminate and highlight certain pieces of furniture, artwork and decor. 

I feel the perfect effect of lighting is achieved when you incorporate color, intensity and movement into the overall process of light fixtures.
PILLOWS are a must have for sofas and chairs! The bolder the better. It's also an easy way to incorporate colors and textures without having to do too much. I especially love monogrammed pillows that personalize the home even more!

RUGS can add extra layers to a room. I prefer large, even layered rugs, to add that extra pizazz! Rugs can certainly tie elements in the room together visually and of course add a soft landing for your feet. How can you say no to a metallic cowhide/zebra rug? The fuschia rug leading to the living room is pretty eye catching and glorious, too!

Tired of magazine and book clutter? Spruce it up by placing them in between fun and chic BOOKENDS. They actually help make the spines of your books stand out and aid in creating a clean and polished book collection. The ram bookends might be my favorite! {maybe because I've seen pictures of Jen's pair in her own home}

MIRRORS create a sense of increased space, length and dimension. Ornamental mirrors are a definite must when looking to glamorize a room. Even installing a gallery wall of mirrors adds a fancy and playful touch to a wall. Your mirrors will also help in reflecting light from the elegant chandelier and lamps you have in your home.
Adding THROWS into your home not only keeps you warm and cozy, but is also very inviting and helps brighten up a couch and chair, with a touch of class and flair. You can choose a bright colored throw or one with your favorite print. Throws become very versatile accessories in the home and can be moved from room to room.

You MUST have a BOOKCASE to display your favorite designer books, vases, trinkets and frames. 

They can be built in, used in a hutch or free standing. Designers are even adding wallpaper or printed fabric to the back of the cases to give it added appeal. Bookcases can also create a strong focal point and area of interest. I'm always intrigued with the composition, spacing and color grouping in a bookcase. Every bookcase styling is always so different and captivating!
I am obsessed with TRINKETS galore!! These are defined as little treasures, small decor items or even odds-and-end pieces that help in styling a bookcase, side tables or nooks. Trinkets also add extra charm and are extremely helpful in highlighting certain colors and adding depth, using a variety of shapes and sizes.
I have to say, the cherry on top of all accessories is ARTWORK.{mainly paintings!} Abstract and colorful artwork speaks volumes in a home. If you have a very minimalistic approach in home design, art can speak for itself , as well as for a whole room. Paintings become easy conversation pieces and focal points. I had to showcase three of my favorites {of course Jen is included!}

Also check out Nancy Ramirez and Rachel Wright.
Thanks so much for having me, Jen!
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Guest Post: By Ashlina

Hi everyone! It's Ashlina, interior designer and blogger at TheDecorist. I was beyond thrilled to guest blog for Jen while she comes to visit us here in New York City. I adore Jen and am so excited that I get to share with you (her loving readers) my favorite things about this city that I love so much!!

I just moved out here from LA a few months ago and have found these 7 places to be AMAZING and I would definitely say are MUST-SEES for any decorista visiting NYC!

1. The Jane Hotel: A beautifully decorated hotel in the west village, its perfect for meeting girlfriends for  a fun get-together.

2. Top of the Rock: the view from the top of the Rockafeller is absolutely breathtaking. It's such a fun thing to do so you can see the city from the most beautiful angle!

3. Saks Fifth Ave: shoe department...I almost fainted when I first went here, its enormous and the shoes are like glitter in the sand, so beautiful you will be overwhelmed with excitement.

4. ABC Carpet & Home: The place to be inspired for home decor. It's like the mecca for decorating. I just love it.

5. Olde Good Things: If you love antiques or anything unique then you will LOVE this store. There are a few around the city and each time you walk into one, you see things that you never would have imagined. I love the history of everything and imagining the homes that these items lived in is so fun!

6. Levain Bakery: quite possibly the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted in my life. It's around the corner from my apartment and has become such a weakness.

7. The Highline: Walking the highline was one of my favorite things to do this summer. The views are so pretty and they play black and white movies on the weekends. I had never heard of it, until I moved here and quickly realized its definitely a must visit place.

Hopefully one day all of you will get the opportunity to visit New York. It's probably the most magical city in the world!!

image credits:

jane hotel photo (time out nyc)
olde good things (apartment therapy)
the high line (
abc (
levain (
top of the rock (
saks (

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Guest Post: By Chassity

Hi there! Chassity here from Look Linger Love popping in to talk about my art fetish.  We all know and desperately love Jen's Cocoa & Hearts shop, so today I thought I would introduce you to some more amazing artists that I think you'll love as well.  

These pieces are fabulous, and naturally, they're all "made by girls".  Very talented ones.  In fact, I think you'll highly approve of this first artist!

Kate is a Charleston, SC girl (like me!) and I just so happen to have the privilege of calling her a friend.  She was one of the very first artists that really struck my fancy, and my love for her art has only grown. 

I recently did a Q&A with Kate on my blog that you might want to check out if you're liking what you see.  {It's definitely not one of those boring "tell me what inspired this piece" type of interviews!}.

You might be familiar with her hystericaly awesome blog, My Favorite & My Best aka MFAMB, but have you seen her paintings?  Jenny recently started sharing her work, and I'm a huge fan already.  And considering she's new, I'd say right about now is the time to invest if you know what I mean.

If you need to glam up your space on a limited budget then Leigh Viner's etsy shop is great place to peruse.  She sells originals and prints so there is something there for everyone.  And don't you just feel prettier looking at these?

I love Kate's softness in the background that is then overlapped with scribbles (I'm sure she wouldn't describe them that way though, ha! Sorry Kate).

My daughter Lilly is lucky enough to have a couple of pieces by Kate in her nursery.  Someday she'll thank me.

I started an impressive little collection of Sally's paintings.  She is another Charleston girl, another friend of mine, and seriously rocks my world.  I pretty much adore everything that she turns out.  I also did a Q&A with Sally {it's not the sucky boring type either} that you should definitely check out as she is one stylish girl to get to know.

Here I am along side the lovely Sally with a piece of hers that my husband purchased for me at one of Sally's shows.

Lilly Evans:

Lastly, what kind of mother would I be if I didn't share some of my baby girls' abstract masterpieces? I'm her biggest fan.

So I think I've taken over Jen's blog long enough.  I hope you've enjoyed this art tour today and have found some new artists to love.  I hope ya'll come see me sometime.  

Thanks for inviting me today, Jen.  xoxox, Chassity.

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Guest Post: By Bradley Agather

Hi, readers! It's Bradley from Luella & June. I'm thrilled to be guest posting while Jen spends some time in The Big Apple. I've put together a small round up of my favorite accessories around my home. You'll see quite a mix of things here - from thrift store finds to new pieces from some of my favorite online shops! I hope you enjoy!

1: This Jim Dine painting has been with me for my entire life! Literally! It was my mom's very first piece of art that she bought for herself over 30 years ago. For as long as I can remember this painting has been hanging in my bedroom. When I moved out of my parents' house after college and into my own place, this piece had to come with me. Not only is it a constant reminder of my mother, but a feeling of home as well.

2: Another kind of art in my home: books! There's really nothing I like more than a great coffee table book. I have them displayed everywhere throughout my place. I think they bring so much character a room.

3: Oh, I love the color of this bowl! It's vintage Blenko glass. I picked this one up at Lula B's here in Dallas' design district. It's one of those places where you have to dig, but there's so many treasures in there!

4: I always get asked about these pears. They were a house warming gift from my mother (she found them at Dallas' 4510). It's these kinds of pieces that I really love because they're different and add interest to the room.

5: Does a bar count as an accessory? If so, then here's a snapshot of mine. It's always important to have your bar party ready! I especially adore this python tray from Furbish.

6: I think it's clear by now that I love color, but pink is my very favorite one of them. While I kept things a bit bolder in my living room, my bathroom channels a more girly, feminine vibe. This little tray was an Etsy find from Tilly Maison.

7: I couldn't do a post on my favorite accessories and not include my most recent one: a Cocoa & Hearts painting! I am so in love with these colors. It really ties together all of the color in my bedroom. Jen actually painted 4 paintings for me, and the others are just as wonderful as this one. I'm still figuring out just the right place to hang them so you'll have to stay tuned to see them all together in one place!

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Guest Post: By Lauren

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren, and I blog over at L.A. in the bay, a fashion and design based blog. I am an avid reader of Made by Girl, and was so excited when Jen asked me to do a post for her while she was in NYC!

Today I am going to be sharing with all of you my top 10 picks that you should all have for this Fall. 

1) The cape - so amazingly chic, and a must-have for your fall wardrobe.

2) Leopard anything - if you've gone shopping recently, you know that leopard is huge this Fall. I am loving leopard belts, leopard booties, and leopard loafers. Every girl needs a little bit of leopard in her wardrobe.
1, 3, 4
3) Colored Jeans - you can find them in pretty much any color right now. My favorites are red, cobalt blue, and mustard. 

4) Riding Boots - just purchased my first pair from Aldo, and they are my favorite. Pair them with leggings and leg warmers to create the most perfect Fall look. 

5) A Feminine Blouse - I love how feminine and chic these are, perfect to pair with high waist trousers. 

6) High Waist Trousers - these 70's style high waist trousers are back yet again. Try them in fun unexpected colors like plum and forest green.

1, 2, 3
7) Cashmere Sweater - a must for every Fall season. Loving the ones this season supporting arm patches.

8) Booties - these are super popular this Fall. They come in wedge style or heel. I'm digging both.
1, 2, 3
9) Floppy Hat - I am loving that these hats are becoming popular again. They give an edgy, feminine and chic look to any outfit.
10) The Perfect Red Lip - red lips in all shades are so hot this season, from deep reds all the way to a gorgeous plum.
That rounds up my top 10 picks for Fall. And man was it hard to contain it to just ten! For more fashion trends, make sure to head on over to L.A. in the bay.
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