Danielle's Home Tour...(Via Made by Girl)

We are slowly (it seems) approaching the weekend. I can't wait to see what the weather is going to be like. It's been in the 80's out of nowhere & you know what that means? SUNBATHING by the pool for me while listening to some Sam Cooke on my iPhone. Ugh can't wait... !!! 

And YOU? Are you looking forward to the warmer WEATHER???

Back to blogging because today I'm introducing you to Danielle Oakey, an Interior Design graduate and mother of one.  She's also a blogger, blogging about interior design, decor ideas, DIY & more! You can catch her blog posts here. I was happy to hear that she wanted to share her home with all of us, so of course I said yes! 

below: her daughter's room! Super cute don't you think?

For those of you interested, Danielle also provides design services online! Read more here.

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Latest at Adore & Matchbook Magazine...(Via Made By Girl)

The newest issue of Adore Magazine & Matchbook Mag launched and DARN am I impressed by both!  For one, Adore's newest issue is the BEST one by far & Matchook featured SO many cool items as well as a quote by MUA! BIG thanks to both! 

Oh...... and did I mention I'll be featured in Adore Magazine's next issue (June/July)?!? 

below: via adore magazine

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Tess's Home Tour...(Via Made by Girl)

This week I am also bringing you a home in Pennsylvania that belongs to a couple named, Tess & Jesse. Besides being a blogger, Tess also runs an online shop called Cozy Little Cave, where you'll find original paintings she's created of some stylish cartoon-like women! This couple is also expecting their first baby in August & I'm curious to see how they'll be decorating the nursery! 

I noticed in her bio we have a couple things in common, we both blog, have online stores, are Christians, and love colorful ART. The one thing we didn't have in common that I noticed was.....  I can't stand Dr. Pepper! Ha!

How cool is this attic stairwell? They placed paint chips as decor to add some color and interest!  Neat!

above: blanket for the nursery!

-images via cozy little cave
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Yvonne's Home Tour...(Via Made By Girl)

Welcome back - it's nice to say....but I still wish it was the weekend & that I was SUNBATHING on a beach somewhere....  That would be the best case scenario right now.  But till then, I'd like to share fellow blogger, Yvonne's home. 

She blogs over at a super cute blog called Simply Yvonne and recently had a gorgeous baby, whose nursery you can spot below!  She's also a graphic designer & talented photographer....with all that talent, it's no wonder her home is so cute! Hope it inspires you on this Monday....

 And what do you think of the nursery? Cute huh? I love the idea of hanging the baby clothing NEATLY along the wall and displayed openly in the room.

-images via simply yvonne

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Thanks Coco...(Via Made By Girl)

I'm so glad it's Friday....and to top things off I got a surprise MASSAGE waiting for me at a local spa tonight (compliments of my guy)....oh & I received a surprise GIFT in my mailbox! 

Every so often I have readers or people I've connected with online send me gifts.... & of course I have to give them a shout here on my blog. Today I want to thank Coco from Coco Cozy who sent me this gorgeous cotton knit throw, which is also available in her new shop!

My GUY actually did the WEB DESIGN for the Coco Cozy shop (great job) & she was so gracious enough to send me the throw as a THANK YOU for introducing her to him!  

This Friday, I thank God for kind & generous people....


-images by jen ramos
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Alexandra's Home Tour...(Via Made By Girl)

We are all CURIOUS by nature & love looking into other people's homes ...not sure why, but most of us love to get a glimpse! When I walk around my neighborhood..... I admit to looking if there's a window & NO curtains....! It's not NECESSARILY peeping because I'm NOT standing there, I just walk past & am curious how that homeowner has decorated his/her place. Know what I mean??  

Well, for now, you don't need to be standing in front of anyone's window because Alexandra of Things That Sparkle blog was nice enough to share some of her home with us!  My favorite part is her desk area, with the entire back wall made as an inspiration board, neat huh? 

Oh & how cool is the bathroom wallpaper? Not many of us would dare do that, so I admire her boldness! Looks great! Thank you Alexandra for sharing this tour with us! Oh & thank God, it's FRIDAY....

- images via things that sparkle

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