Sharing a Penthouse with a Sibling.... (D Magazine)

DMagazine had an interesting article of two siblings sharing a penthouse space. Well, it's a 12,000 sq. ft space, so not really all that bad huh?? Well, you see... both Kari & brother Kirby Schlegel wanted the corner penthouse unit at the 'W', so their father stepped in & decided instead of buying them 2 INDIVIDUAL units, he figured why not create 2 separate apartments from it !?!

They searched out architects and designers Lionel Morrison & Jan Showers to handle the project. LUCKY kids aren't they? I do hope they're grateful. Kari was looking more for a Domino flair in her space while her brother Kirby wanted a darker, more masculine look to his apartment. Another cool feature is a common area they have for entertaining...Nice!  

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

below: Kirby's apartment

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101 HOTEL.....Getaway in Iceland

Every time the weekend gets close..... I think of how great it would be to just get away & visit a new city! How about Iceland?? Ever been there?? Well, my husband sent me this amazing boutique hotel he came across called 101 Hotel. What a beautiful place this would be to stay & unwind....

I'd LOVE to hear of anyone out there is familiar with this hotel & if you've ever stayed there. In the meanwhile, let's DREAM together.....  

images via 101 Hotel

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Before Sex & The City, there was 'Carrie's Diaries'...

I pre-ordered this book back in December of 2009 and it finally arrived yesterday! Good thing, because I'm so excited to start reading it. Carrie's Diaries by Candace Bushnell, is all about Carrie before SEX & The City....and how about this book jacket? Isn't this the prettiest you've ever seen? I'm sooo looking forward to seeing the NEW Sex & the City film this May & hopefully I'll finish this book before then! 

You can order your copy of 'Carrie's Diaries' here.

Anyone else have this book yet??

image by jen ramos

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My Latest ZGallerie Purchases...

I went by ZGallerie this past weekend and bought the saber tooth tiger skull (of course it's not real) as well as a few of the crystal perfume bottles.  I like the idea of having one or two unexpected items in my home. And how about these cool Biscayne coaster set? I had to get these because my coffee table desperately needed them! Also, while at ZGallerie there were two pieces of artwork that I wanted (but didn't end up buying).

This colorful piece (Collective) by Jodi Fuchs & of course my favorite, Butterflies in Flight 2  by Jennifer Goldberger.  I hope to be back to buy at least one of those art pieces.... I just haven't made up my mind if I want to SPEND the $299......YET! 

images by jen ramos

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Modern Chic Home Pillow Giveaway....!!!

I rarely ever do GIVEAWAYS on my site & there are usually 2 reasons:  1.  because I get too many requests & 2. because I don't want my blog to be all about giveaways.  With that said, I've decided to do this particular one because it's been a looooong time & I really love Modern Chic Home's store.  So, here are the details for you to ENTER the GIVEAWAY:

  • Visit Modern Chic Home take a peek at Julie's lovely shop.
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  • (Bonus option) If you sign up for Modern Chic Home's mailing list you'll automatically receive a $5 gift voucher via email.
  • TWO LUCKY WINNERS will be chosen randomly and each will be able to choose ONE pillow of their choice ranging anywhere from $50-$130!!!

2 Winners will be chosen on Monday, May 3rd, 2010.


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Maria, from John's Journal (Home Tour)....

This Friday I'd like to share another home tour brought to you by the lovely Maria of John's Journal blog.  I noticed right away that she has the same West Elm ZIG ZAG carpet that I do, it's by far one of my faves! Also, do you notice the cool zebra print console table? It's a DIY project she did!  You can learn more about how she made it and where she purchased some of the items here. 

Thank you Maria for sharing your home with us. If you have a home you'd like to share here on Made By Girl, please email me and I'll let you know what I think.

images by maria

Enjoy your weekend!

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