My FRAMES clock my home.

I finally received my frames clock from Dutch by Design! It seemed like FOREVER. Anyhow, I put this up over the weekend, but can't decide whether I should just add more fabric in the '12 ' frame OR cut out fabric into a number '12' & tape it onto another fabric. Basically what I did for the 1 and 7. (You can barely see it in this shot, but click on photos for larger image). What do you think so far? I really like it on the darker wall, which I blogged about here, but a dark wall, doesn't go with my family room.

Frames clock purchased from Dutch by Design.
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Home update...shelving.

Finally got my shelves from Target, however I do not recommend them. My guy had to put liquid nails on the hangers because they wouldn't stay in the wood. Basically, the wood was too weak to hold them in. So, I'll be looking at IKEA shelves next time I'm in AZ. Enjoy your Fri, Sat. & Sun. everyone! I'll be pretty busy this weekend, but you can catch me on my Twitter - tweeting away whatever is on my mind at the moment.

*By the way, this shot was taken with my new Canon Rebel xs - loving it so far!
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