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Atmosphere Home Essentials is a must visit store for those of you living or near the Birmingham, Alabama area. They offer unique, modern & contemporary home furnishings & accessories. I'd love to visit their store someday....anyone out there been to Atmosphere?? What did you think? I can't even begin to tell you how desperately we need a store like this here in Las Vegas!!

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Jessica's Bungalow Home Tour

Thanks to Jessica for sharing these images of her JuneBug Cottage in Portland, Oregon. Don't you just love home tours?? I know I do! It's nice when it's about a home we feel we have something in common with or of a style we can borrow. It's always nice to see homes of people just like us....then it all seems possible & attainable. Jessica shares this 1924 bungalow with her partner Erik & their little border terrier (who's so adorable) Griffin. Please check out her blog, Domestic PDX to get a glimpse of all her collages, paintings & more!

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Carrie's Beautiful Michigan Loft - on the market...

Carrie over at Pattern of Life blog was sweet enough to share photos of her loft-style home with us. Coincidentally, her home is also on the market as we speak! Both Carrie & her husband reside in the West Michigan area in a neighborhood with a pretty large Dutch settlement as well as some of the best industrial design companies. This well-maintained loft is also 2 1/2 hours from Chi-Town, for those of you wondering.....

A little info about their place: built in 1903 in an existing alley way. Large- all white, built in book shelf, modern appliances, sky light in kitchen, hardwood floors, exposed brick walls throughout. One of the brick walls has some black paint, it was an old advertisement that they discovered when they knocked the mortar off the walls while gutting the place. The sign continues downstairs into the commercial space. (You can see this in some of the photos) Very original. So for those of you looking to buy in Michigan & would like to take a peek at their place, or for more info, contact Carrie via her blog.

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Sophia Vayda Interiors

I ran across Sophia Vayda Interiors the other day & loved her work! Woo hoo! I'm always excited when I find designers I've never seen & then taking a glimpse into their portfolios, love it! It's kind of like when you open the newest issue of your favorite design magazines at Barnes & Noble. Sophia resides in Boston for those interested in her services.

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