Upcoming DIY project - My Home Office

I've always felt that re-designing a space in your home can bring about inspiration, especially work-related.  So, that is why I've decided to revamp my home office!  After noticing so many pretty Parsons Desks on other blogs,  I decided to go for it!  I took my butt straight to West Elm & went crazy shopping.....told the salesgirl, " 2 desks, 1 lamp, 3 storage bins..." and so on!

Here is my DIY list:
  • Painting all the walls white (current color, 'Mercer' by Ralph Lauren Home)
  • Adding this Graham & Brown wallpaper to one or two walls
  • Removing the yellow and white Urban Outfitters sofa & placing it elsewhere
  • De-cluttering the walls and adding less to each area
  • Removing all shelves and keeping only a few
  • Placing more items into bins and closed storage
  • framing some of my press pages & hanging them (finally)!
I'm sure the list will be longer as I move along this DIY (home office) project.....but for now this is where I am at. For those of you who aren't familiar with my home office, you can find photos here.

images above: 

Enjoy the weekend! 
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Tasty, Yummy Helvetica.....

Let's get real....I'm not much of a baker, but I DO know how to make cookies & cupcakes. However, adding some creativity to the mix just makes it all the more fun! For all of you typography fans like myself, these Helvetica cookie cutters (by Beverly Hsu) are such a neat & fun way to bake cookies. I can see these being a hit at an office gathering or even at a kid's party. Via Coolist.

Do you like typography?? Where would you use something like this??

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Isabella & Max Rooms....Home Tour

Janell Beals, author of the Isabella & Max Rooms blog is now one of my favorite 'go-to" blogs.  I have fallen in LOVE with her amazing home & all her DIY projects. I SWEAR, I think I went through every single page on her blog....and absolutely loved it!  She was kind enough to let me share her home with all of you. Even though I dream of living in a modern, high-rise apt., her house is definitely dreamy! My favorite is the kitchen & the large canvas her daughter painted...!

So, what do you think of her home & the way she displays her children's art? Clever no?!

images: Janell Beals
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Like Chocolate Cadbury Roses....wallpaper

After spotting this Macintosh Rose Wallpaper via 'Everything I love' blog.....I knew I wanted to purchase it!  Soooo, I headed to the  Graham & Brown site & there it was!  I love the simplicity of the lines on this paper (like illustrations) & the little designs are like Cadbury roses, too cute!  Oh yea, & the price was very affordable too....super duper plus! Not sure where this paper will be going just yet....but I'm sure you'll know at some point. 

images top: Amy Furstenau

image bottom: Graham & Brown
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They're back (Love Candy Prints) in other colors!

I've gotten so many emails from people asking about our popular Love Candy prints in other colors. Well, surprise!  We looked through our inventory & found a few of each of the colors below! They are NOW available via my ETSY shop on a first come, first serve basis. 

The best part is they'll be on SALE for only $20 (normally $25)!! Limited quantities of each, so hurry & get yours now!    NOTE: If you do not see a color available pls email me, I may have forgotten to add it back up onto Etsy.

via my MadeByGirl Etsy Shop

image top: Mademoiselle Frou-Frou

image bottom: by Jen Ramos
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BOLIG Magazine....not all white walls

Hello everyone! So.....I saw this home via Bolig Magazine & instantly thought, "wow a foreign home with more than a couple dark walls....interesting!"  I usually see lots of white in foreign magazines, white walls, white floors and white furniture. I like the few dark walls throughout this home, gives it a more modern edge. Via Bolig.

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Cyanaa - ART, a mouse click away....

CYANAA  is a Contemporary Art shopping website.  It's sort-of-like Manhattan’s Chelsea art district at a mouse click. If you're like me & collect art (for my future dream home) this is a great site to go ART shopping!  Take a peek (below) at some of the art work featured on their site. For more go here.

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BookBook for your MacBook...

T alk about a unique laptop case.... ..BookBook is perfect for your MacBook! How cool is this  one-of-a-kind hardback leather case for both MacBook & MacBook Pro?  Imagine carrying this around.... at first glance, it appears to be a vintage book, reducing the odds of someone stealing it! It's available for both 13 and 15 inch MacBooks & has a padded hardback cover along with a velvety soft interior. Very  innovative! For more info check out Twelve South.

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