Cool Felt by Crafts 2 Cherish...(Via Made By Girl)

How is everyone today? Did you get to see the Royal Wedding?

I'm so relieved it's Friday..... With all the HYPE regarding the ROYAL Wedding, I ended up falling asleep & not watching it. Then again, who wants to stay up till 3am to see Will & Kate get married!?! Ok, I admit I did....but at 3am?!? No wonder I fell asleep. 

I SWEAR the BRIDE would be wearing a super tall hat of some sort in the shape of a crown maybe??  Or was she ACTUALLY supposed to wear the crown?? 

Anyhow, I pictured something different, hence why I'm featuring this company called Crafts 2 Cherish. I was so INSPIRED by those amazing headpieces at the wedding..they were so amazing! I figured a average girls like us could rock something similar without the HEFTY price tag right? Crafts 2 Cherish is based out of Ireland & the artist makes these hand felted pieces for the hair and more! These were my favorites if course....

 Check out the shop here for more! 

-Images by Tom Szusztek

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A Student's Budget Friendly Home...(Via Made By Girl)

I love home tours & ours is almost coming to an end.  However, it did so well I may do another call for submissions late NEXT MONTH - we'll see! Either way, I tend to really appreciate a home that looks lived in and makes you feel like you can also do something similar! They're real. 

So that's why the home tours here are SIMPLE, real and mostly AFFORDABLE. This next one is by a student in Norway who also blogs at Passion For Poison

I'm certain that for MANY of you.... when you see HIGH END homes being featured you may not be able to leaves you thinking......"a $3,000 dresser?? I might as well keep my West Elm one for now".    

The decor may be a tad bit out of reach as well as the ability to hire an Interior Designer, not a chance.......I can see why so many decide to DIY. 

In fact she's been decorating on a budget because of school costs and has managed to decorate her office for only $230!!  She used OLD furniture as well as adding a few small inexpensive details to the mix!  

So, if you're a student living on a BUDGET, Johanna's place can definitely serve as inspiration!

thanks to Jannica for sending this home to me! 

-images via passion for poison
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Fruit & Flower Print Trend...(Via Made By Girl)

According to Elle Decor and Stella McCartney there's a fruit print trend coming. I swear, it reminiscent of the 70's & a bit of Orla Kiely.  

I mean come on....platforms with a fruit design?!!  Would I wear those? Not at this moment.  But then again ..... I always like TRENDS after they've been worn & worn and about to go out of style.
Anyone out there do the same thing? Wear it or place it in your home after it's been said & done? 

Judging from Stella McCartney's Fruit print dresses & jumpsuits her spring 2011 line are all the rave on the runways. Who knew?!

However, if you're just NOT feeling citrus-sy (more than likely not a word) then just skip this trend all together & wait for the next. Enjoy! 

Flower print top & shorts - top shop
banana top - top shop
duvet & pillows - garnethill 
fruity platforms- luisa viaroma
fruit juice glasses- crate & barrel
runway fashion - stella mcCartney 
apple playsuit- top shop
print dress- top shop

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Home Tour via Allt i Hemmet...(Via Made By Girl)

I couldn't tell you much about this article I found via Allt I Hemmet Magazine except that I needed a TRANSLATOR to tell me who lives there!

It's MORE than likely occupied by a man - judging by the decor style. (perhaps a musician or a successful artist) I may be wrong, but WOW.  The kitchen is what really caught my eye....I mean look at those walls above the cabinets, all black!  It's like the SILKIEST black paint I've EVER seen & it's got me thinking about my own all white kitchen now. Hmmmm

Anyhow, I love the BLACK walls along with the splashes of color throughout his place! The unique pieces of furniture & accessories really give this place a personal touch don't you think? 

I also noticed that instead of UPPER CABINETS he decided to place large scale accessories on the tops of the cabinets to give the kitchen a more grander feel!  And how about the idea idea of placing a super old family photo in an ornate frame & mixing it into a super modern kitchen? 

.....this place is just gorgeous.

-images via Alt i Hemmet

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Kobie's Home in Australia...(Via Made By Girl)

How is everyone today? Tuesday is here & we have some great weather even though the wind is a bit's the weather where you are?

Today I'm featuring Kobie's home. She's a blogger who lives all the way in Australia. Even though I've never visited AU, I have lots of Made By Girl customers who live there....So I'm very familiar with many parts of it!  Interestingly enough, Kobie SOLD her home on April 20th (about a week ago) so you're actually looking at the way she used to live....! 

She told me she describes her living style as modern & clean with a quirky edge!  She tends to look for interesting items to add to her home decor.  For me, I really love her courtyard especially the exposed brick looks so relaxing don't you think?

By the way you can also head over to Kobie's blog  Chic Girl Designs for more!  

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Cool Royal Wedding Memorabilia...(Via Made By Girl)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you all know there's a Royal Wedding approaching soon on April 29.  I wasn't that EXCITED until I heard their song, "You & I" covered by George Michael (which is amazing) originally sung by Stevie Wonder.  So far I must have played it about 60 times on my iTunes....!  With a BIG wedding like this one comes memorabilia. Have you noticed all the  interesting memorabilia floating around the internet?!?

Below are a few of my favorites! Although I have to admit, I probably wouldn't buy most of these for my own home... my 2 faves are the tea bags & the iconic Queen Elizabeth print -which would look fab in a super big size!  

So what do you think of all this ?? Will you be tuning in to watch the wedding April 29th? or could you care less??

For those of you who want to tune in, they even have an OFFICIAL wedding site here.

1-6.  All Posters (The Royal Sale)
7.  Mug via Jan Constantine 
8.tea bags via Plum Party
9. decor dish via KK Outlet
10. Pillow via Jan Constantine

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Luisa's Bedroom by Angela Cunha...(Via Made By Girl)

I'm back! Sorry for the sudden disappearing act on my part...I had family in town & wasn't able to concentrate on my work for too long! I swear, I feel so behind on everything now. So much for playing tourist! Ha!  

However, thanks to all of you who commented on the GIVEAWAY (one post down) -it's not over yet so please enter. The WINNER will be selected on Monday April 25th! 

Today... I bring you a super CUTE bedroom that belongs to a young girl named Luisa. The pics were mailed to me by Angela Varela Cunha, a Portuguese Interior Designer who reads my blog. I couldn't be happier with what I saw!  

I'm always CURIOUS how other designers from around the WORLD design & decorate a space.  I tend to notice some subtle differences in style, color & even furniture which is always interesting! How about you?  Notice any differences?

Let her know what you like best & if it inspires you! 


 How cool are those pink striped walls??

- images by angela cunha

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1 Giveaway 2 Winners....(Via Made By Girl)


I've decided it's time for another GIVEAWAY!!! This one appealed to me because I absolutely LOVED these dotted black & white pillow covers from Kassapanola. So much so, I thought..... why not give a pair of them away here? 

Thanks to Agnes over at Kassapanola for the generous offer! You've seen these pretty dotted pillow covers all over the place & now here's your chance to WIN. I've added two in my guest bedroom & they look super chic...don't you think?


I'll choose 2 WINNERS! The 1st winner will receive a pair of black & white dotted 18"x 18" covers AND the 2nd winner will receive a SURPRISE gift! 


Do either of these two things below:

Follow Made By Girl Blog
Follow me on Twitter


Winner will be chosen on April 25th


Leave your e-mail in the comments if it's NOT already in your profile....that's how I will get in contact with you...IF YOU WIN!

-first 2 images above by jen ramos
-image via furbish studio

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Emily's Home Tour..(Via Made By Girl)

Back to Monday.....we finally got some great sunbathing weather on Saturday so I sunbathed. I usually only stay two hours because I don't want to end up looking like Snooki.....felt great! In the meanwhile I have family in town so I apologize ahead of time if my emails or comments are a bit late in responding!

But today there's another home tour, this one is from Emily over at Decor Chick? Know her? Well, here home is so nicely put together...from the entryway to the home office.  She told me she's pretty much into traditional home decor, but slowly trying to bring in some modern touches. 

 What do you think? Any suggestions for her on how to go about it? Enjoy! 

-images via decor chick

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