Talented Dallas Shaw...

Dallas Shaw is a designer...she makes some really cool artwork! I remember seeing her work for the first time a year & a half ago....she was one of my inspirations. DALLAS has been lucky enough to been featured on many blogs as well as magazines like 'Domino'. Here's a small peek at her stylish art, take a look at her site for more. Go here pleeeeease!

* Also be sure to check out the Dallas Shaw blog 'Dilly Dallas'.
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Pink Holiday Style...

December is approaching quickly don't you think?? This month is flying by & the Holidays are almost here! I love X'mas time, especially when I used to live in NYC...when it would snow outside. Living in Vegas, I ain't so lucky...but not having snow can have its advantages, obviously. NO more digging my car out from a snow cave! What a pain in the A** that was!
OK...enough snow talk, I found this photo & it reminded me of one of the cards available via my shop. The pink reindeer. I really like to experiment with colors & I think there is too much Green & Red floating around during this time of year, don't you??

The reason I chose pink for this particular card was because I wanted it to be be girly, without your typical Holiday colors. Something different, and apparently I'm not the only one from the looks of this photo (above) I found on: Purple Area Blog.

Enjoy! Be back soon with another post!
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Talented Gaelle...

I LOVE showing off talented photographers on my blog once in awhile. I'm a big fan of Gaelle Le Boulicat's work. She's beautiful, & talented, great qualities....don't you think? She has shot covers for all the major magazines like Elle Decor Italia, Elle Decoration UK, House and Garden UK and many more! Her father gave her a Rolleiflex camera when she was 15 years old and she's been shooting ever since. Visit here site here.

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New Cards at MadeByGirl...

Helloooooo everyone, me+work= busy, busy, busy. But, nonetheless I am popping in quick to say 'thank you' so much for all the comments. I read them all !! As for my shop, Ive added some new cards...please check them out & feel free to grab photos and feature my cards on your blog. REMEMBER: If you let me know you posted my work, I will mention YOUR blog on my next THANK YOU post! Go here to visit MadeByGirl. 

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Thank you House Beautiful....!

I was sent the newest design book from House Beautiful called " The HOME Book". Here's a little sneak peek into all the cool stuff inside:
  • 464 pages of design advice
  • more than 500 stunning colorful photographs
  • Design examples for every room
  • Smart planning advice for your home based on site, light, and layout.
  • Fresh ideas and exciting looks from today's top designers
You will read about insider advice from design professionals on everything from proportion, fabrics, patterns and colors, complete with swatches! Learn about environmentally friendly decorating options and lots, lots more! It definitely makes a nice coffee table book or great Holiday gift. Retails for about $40...not bad. BIG thanks to House Beautiful for sending this book, will add to my collection!

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Thanks for sending these...

I'd like to thank a few people for offering to send these products to me for a quick review...! First, The Pet Care Aid, a totally cute first aid kit for your doggies. It has some essential items in case of an emergency such as:
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Povidone Iodine Prep Pads
  • Insect sting Relief Pads
  • Antibiotic Ointment Packets
  • Scissor
  • Splinter removers
  • Tape roll
  • Sterile Eyewash
  • & lots more!

Thanks to Danielle for being so kind to get this kit to me, I'll keep it in my car for road trips with my boxers. I recommend a kit like this for anyone with pets. They run $19.95 each! Get yours here.

Thanks to Sima for being so kind to send me this gorgeous little necklace with my name 'Jennifer' in Hebrew! How cute and delicate it is, I love it! Sima makes a bunch of jewelry and they sell super quick! She does a lot of custom work...in fact I ordered a custom piece from her for my mother this past August! Check out her Etsy shop here.

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Thanks so much for all the responses & emails about the ZARA boots. I received one real lead so far & it came to me from London! We'll see what happens. In the meantime I'm loving this aqua & gold bracelet by Matt Bernson at Revolve Clothing. Its so rock n roll....I LOVE it! I will place this one on my wishlist as well. : )

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OMG...where can I get these? Anyone??

I rarely see an item I reaaaaally want but when I do, I go out and get it. Unfortunately I cannot find these boots. Does anyone know where I can buy these? (hopefully in my size). I know on her blog she says she got them at Zara. But I can't even find the official Zara site, just a flash site that I don't get past the first page. Help! I will keep checking this post all weekend....thanks!!
(In the meanwhile, I will be imagining myself in them).

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Introducing OWI...

OWI, office for word and Image, this site has some fabulous interiors. So if your thinking about re-decorating your space, stop at their site for some major inspiration! Go here. In case you're wondering, Owi is a a company that specializes in text and images on architecture & interiors.

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