Dear Jessica Seaton, I love your jewelry.....

Hello everyone! Looks like the weekend is quickly we can all relax a bit. It's been so WINDY here in LAS VEGAS, and really difficult to open your eyes outside without getting dust flying in it!   

Is the weather just as CRAZY in your part of town?? 

On another note, Jessica Seaton is one of my newest designer favorites! I find her jewelry so intriguing & eye-catching! It's a type of jewelry that is one-of-a kind and you won't see plastered everywhere. My fave is the deer antler knuckle ring. I know it looks like it can POKE your eye out, but come on, it's not meant to be worn every day or while you're asleep!  Fashion is supposed to be fun & interesting...and Jessica's jewelry is just that. You can find her unique pieces at Free People.

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Photographer Becky Kimball's Home....

Photographer, Becky Kimball sent over these pictures of her home to share here on Made By Girl. I love how she's given each room an interesting look by adding accessories or wallpaper.  After looking at these pics, I want to go & buy a mirrored dresser and a ghost chair! I feel so inspired....

Becky is also an accomplished photographer, hence why these photos are so beautifully shot. You can also see a ton of her work here via her blog, "All That I Love".

images by becky kimball

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Hus & Hem....Home & Art

Hus & Hem had this home featured on their website was fascinating for the ARTWORK alone. I like the white walls with the pops of colorful art pieces! As an American, I don't often come across this style of home so I am immediately drawn to it's originality and boldness. I love art, it never ceases to INSPIRE me. I am now picturing myself in this home listening to Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air on the G String".

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Keeping my EYE on.....

There are days, I wish I could re-design MY HOME. Move around furniture, or just sell what I have & start new! I think I feel like this just about every 3months. Is that so bad? It may have to do with the fact that I frequent so many blogs and that gets my creative juices flowing.  My husband wonders why I like to change things up so much....I tell him. "Hey, at least it's just furniture & not you." Ha! He laughs.  

But IT'S TRUE....If I had the time, I would shop every 3 - 4 months for my home!  I love the feel of a NEW sofa, a new coffee table, new book, a lamp & so forth. How about you? Maybe in a dream world we would all be able to afford new furniture every time we wanted it & somehow magically get rid of the old stuff (if you couldn't sell it). Here are items I'm keeping my eye on, although I have already purchased 2 things from this list. Enjoy your weekend! 

tufted headboard by wake up frankie
 throw by west elm

sheepskin rug IKEA

image above here

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Inspiration to Create...

I swear, sometimes I come across photos of homes that put me in a design daze (I mean that in a GOOD WAY, of course) where all I can think of is how I can apply something just as beautiful to my own home. Ever felt that way?? I L-O-V-E that feeling!  Perhaps it's just plain INSPIRATION, but it gives me motivation & desire to want to create! This is what I'm talking about below.

Above: Me Oh My 

Below: Style at Home design editor, Ann Marie Favot's home

More variety from: Style at home 

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To all Readers.....

If anyone gets an email saying that you won a star from Made By Girl, DO NOT CLICK on the .exe or .zip link!  Somehow one of my emails got hacked & sent out a virus. Please do not open. There's no contest & I did not send that email! Sorry about that.  The same email was actually sent to me, that is how I found out. I've officially changed my email system over to another so this hopefully won't happen again.
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Ebay win!

I'm so glad I just won "I Married Adventure, The lives & Adventures of Martin and Osa Johnson" (1st Edition 1940) on Ebay today! I won it for only $31! 

Anyone else have this book?  

Anyone else have this book?  

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Kate Long Stevenson, creating some Amazing ART....

Kate Long Stevenson is an abstract painter from South Carolina that I love. She does mostly abstract work, which is my favorite.  I love how so many of her subjects blend in with the colors!  I can envision Kate's paintings in an entryway/foyer or even in a dining room setting....plain white walls and her colorful piece accentuating the space! Please check out more of this talented artist here. 

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