My Foyer.....(Via Made By Girl)

Ok, so here's a look at my foyer. When I thought about DECORATING this area, I knew I wanted something simple, yet GLAMOROUS looking!! 

WHAT'S MISSING?!?!? Flowers! 

Trust me, I realize I NEED a pop of color, so I'll be buying fresh flowers every week to place on the console. I REALLY think flowers will brighten things up!

The cool black & silver studded lamp is from Home Goods & the 2 drawer console table is from Target. The Atoll mirror is even more pretty in person....from Ballard Designs

PIGGY is by designer Harry Allen via Areaware.

Above: Yes, I did say I had high ceilings throughout my house, especially in my entryway. That's my front's such a cool and tall arched door, I love it.

Originally, I thought of buying a WHITE console, but I think that would've been overkill! I absolutely love the ZEBRA hide rug, it makes the entryway look even more dramatic and it helps protect my floors when my DOGS run down to the foyer! Let me know what you think...I'll be reading!!

images by jen ramos

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My NEW Bedroom in Progress.....

Here's a peek at my bedroom, we bought the two side tables (slash nightstands) at West Elm. These were the tallest I found that would be just as high as my bed is! I love them! The headboard & the faux fur throw are also from West Elm. I have lots more to decorate and am thinking of a piece of ART over the bed...hmmmm.  

ALSO, I SERIOUSLY need new king size bedsheets and duvet, can you tell?!?!?

What do you have HANGING over your bed?

(click on pic for larger image)

 image by jen ramos

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Design Refuge Giving Away Prizes....(Via Made by Girl)

Almost forgot to mention, if you're in the mood to win some BIG prizes (including two of my prints you see here) head on over to Design Refuge & enter this Special Giveaway! 

The IDEA behind this CONTEST is for YOU to choose one picture of a room that describes YOU and your style. Go here, it's super easy to enter. Contest ends tonight midnight! Below are just some of the entries you'll see....Good Luck! :)


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A 10 Year Old's Room by Giannetti Designs...(Via Made by Girl)

Brooke Giannetti over at Velvet & Linen blog has agreed to share her daughter, Leila's room with all of us. She designed this lovely girl's room with her daughter's growing tastes.  

She NO LONGER craves PINK, but more "mature" colors. (A true sign that your little girl is not growing up).  Brooke's daughter is now 10 years old and for Leila's B-day, mom told her she could re-decorate her room! 

WOW....I remember being 10 years old....I was STILL sharing a room with my little sister!! Leila is a lucky girl!

The design starts with a trip to Anthropologie where Leila chose a beautiful and colorful flowery rug!  I love the vintage feel of the room as well as the architectural details on the ceiling. 

Below: beginning the process about all that FRAMED artwork hanging on her wall??! How cool is that? I've always thought creative-type spaces (like this one) really open up a KIDS creative energy!

Great job Brooke!
To read more about this amazing room re-do, visit velvet and linen

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Handmade Holiday Decor at West Elm....(Via Made By Girl)

I'm SOOO excited the Holidays are right around the corner! First comes Halloween, Thanksgiving (it will be the first in this new place) & then OF COURSE, Christmas! I love Christmas, all the gorgeous decor in the store windows, the SALES, the giving of gifts and donations to those in need, holiday decorations, visiting family & more!  

HOWEVER, I do MISS THE SNOW from back East .....

SPEAKING OF of decorations, West Elm has a TON of new HANDMADE tree ornaments made out of felt!  The ornaments are actually made in Nepal and are some of the CUTEST I've seen yet! Check them out!

I HAVEN'T DECIDED on what kind of tree we'll get this year, tall, short, just branches, colorful, all white??? Have you decided on a tree yet??  

THIS was our tree LAST YEAR, we just cut a few branches from our yard & ta da, our very own, hand-made tree!  Enjoy! 

 images via west elm

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Visit Nordisk Eksotisk...Book Review (Via Made By Girl)

Authors, Iben & Niels Ahlberg sent this gorgeous & inspiring book to me from Denmark! I knew you all would LOVE it... so I'd like to share some images with you! 

VISIT Nordisk Eksotisk is the first title in the Visit Series about Scandinavian Interiors. There will be another title published at the end of November as well (can't wait!) The 'Visit' book is in Danish but it ALSO includes an insert with English text, which is convenient since I DON'T speak Danish!! I've already started reading explains all the pages and what you're seeing in detail!

The book showcases their own home as well as a few others. I'm already feeling INSPIRED flipping through all the pages. I love the touches of solid black furniture & lighting you see throughout, especially up against the stark white walls.

I'm so ENAMORED with this book & is now one of my favorites. It has 163 pages of cull-color and definitely worth a look! For more on this book, you can also read my previous post here.

If you're interested in PURCHASING a copy of the book click here.

              images via visit

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Eden Photography Studio Space.... (Via Made By Girl)

Thought you might get a kick out of this super neat farm house where Bethy of Eden Photography houses her work studio! It used to be a CHICKEN coop back in the 1900's and then her family playhouse. And NOW ta da!! ....a photographer's paradise! 

I L-O-V-E the creativity behind this cute little place, I was hoping you would too! Bethy resides in Fargo, North Dakota for those of you looking for an amazing shooter in that part of town.....she travels as well! Let Bethy know what you think about her space....enjoy! 

(click on images for larger pics)

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Thinking About My Dining Area....(Via Made By Girl)

It's MONDAY & I'm STILL re-arranging boxes/items around & expecting shipments (from stuff I've ordered) to arrive! Sooooo all still a work in progress! However, my dining area is one room I've been designing in my head. I've ordered a few items & here's what I have so far.  (Minus the artwork, may just paint it myself)

After careful consideration I decided on the ZGallerie Axel dining table. I really liked the thickness of the wood and also figured that I probably wasn't going to like SMACKING my feet into this table, which was my original choice. I also chose the amazing LARGE Celon beaded chandelier from Ballard. After I bought the Atoll Mirror, I was sent a 20% discount coupon, (so I had to take advantage of it...I love discounts!). Let me know your I always I read them all!

Nothing is set in stone, even though I've purchased all of these items...I can always place them elsewhere..... 

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Thinking About My Office....(Via Made By Girl)

Remember my old office space? Well, I'm missing it right now just a bit!  I was SO excited when I re-did it earlier this year (see pics here). At the time, it felt so great to work in a NEW space! Well, now I have another blank office to work with and this time it will be a many ways. Even though most of the furniture is with me, the decor is what will change.
I have some IDEAS but would love to hear your input & recommendations. Since this space doesn't accommodate the 2 Parsons desks together, this is where it will be placed.  I have a desire to place wallpaper on the wall directly in front of my desk & even though I'm contemplating an animal print paper, I'm NOT sold on it yet!!   

Any thoughts on what kind of wallpaper for my wall?? Will the animal print paper work here?
Ok, DON'T LAUGH...this is just a mock-up I did super fast in Photoshop so  that I could get a clear picture of what it might look like. Ha!

Who knows..I may TOTALLY HATE this idea in a few days...I'm like that.

Maybe I should just paint a really LARGE canvas and place it over my desk...hmmmm

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