And so......

I apologize for not being around for so long, but I've had many issues to deal with in my current home. I've got a few projects that i'm working on that will take up alot of my time, as well as working on some major press kits for my business.... so I'll have limited time to post here. I do check this blog every other day though, and always read any comments that are left for me. Thank you all....i'll be back here off an on with a couple of posts. SO I will be busy....but BUSY is a good thing!


  1. Good luck with all of your projects! I can totally relate. I will check in every so often to see how you are doing! Take care.

  2. its great to har from you! and may i wish you good luck

  3. Busy is a great thing! Hope all is well from here in Marrakech:-)

  4. Great Site Jennifer. Busy is good, but don't over due it. Check out my site as it has many beautiful things that will fit nicely in your home.


  5. we're in the midst of remodeling office I feel your pain! take your time. we'll be here when you return ;)


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