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Why do I love Jimmie Martin (two men by the way) ? Because these two guys are so stylish and unique. With every piece they make, they manage to make quite a statement. Their furniture is art, plain and simple. They are based out of the wonderful UK and they make that known by placing a british flag on a few of the furniture pieces. They mix both modern with the antique and I love it.



  1. Pimp the vision, lol
    Love all of these chairs, what treasures.

  2. omg! I want a pink flamingo chair!!!

  3. BM, The PINK flamingo chair is hot!
    I think they had that one hand painted, but have been contemplating lately (due to larger orders) to get them silkscreened or something.
    They weren't happy but felt it had to be done. Love those guys!

  4. hey Jennifer ;)
    glad you are a fan of our work ;)
    all our pieces are still hand painted images. There was only a couple of chairs we did a couple of years ago which were printed from our artwork. But apart from them all are hand painted.
    Keep your eyes open as we constantly adding to our site.
    If you want to be on our newsletter list, please e-mail us your e-mail address and we'll add you on, so you'll get our news when it comes out ;) Launching wallpaper callection in jaunary..
    Jimmie & Martin


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