The Outpost in South Africa = No walls

This uniquely designed hotel is situated in South Africa on a hilltop in an untouched wilderness. Only 24 guests for this paradise of a hotel. Made from steel , canvas and aluminum and surprisingly open and unaffected. So basically you are outside when you shower and sleep but with modern ammenities and a few floors up. Its called The Outpost, how appropriate. Not so sure about the sleeping outside though, how about snakes?



  1. Very chic,,, I want to try this out.

  2. I saw this on *Terramia*!
    I put this hotel on my dream places to visit!

  3. WOW. this place is amazing. that bath, those windows! thanks for the great post.

  4. Spectacular ... now that's a vacation I definitely look forward to and probably never want to leave.

  5. this hotel is definately within a class all its own. It mixes nature with modern elements and thats what makes it so cool!!!


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