DELACOSTA in Chicago

The beautiful decor' in this restaurant called DeLaCosta in Chicago really caught my eye. I would love to eat here just to sit in those booths! The fabrics they used are so sexy & the Venetian mirror on the wall, nice! Love the collection of different ones. Hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday....



  1. Thanks for the booths! Of course, when I dine out with my husband, he does not stand a chance of sitting in the booth. Doesn't everyone love booths? I think so!

  2. wow! thanks so much for submitting your wonderful blog to the Delightfulblogs directory. I'm having just too much fun reading and ogling your posts. Delightful indeed!


  3. Hi Lynda, your welcome! Glad to see you dropped by ...hope you come back again. Thanks for letting be part of Delightfulblogs.

    Jennifer Ramos

  4. p.s. I love booths, they are my favorites when I dine out, especially on a romantic date.

  5. Wow!
    Your blog rules!...seriously!
    I love, LOVE all the trendy home design pics.
    I'm most definitely linking you into my "village"...and you can add me too!

  6. Hey BM, so happy u liked my blog, i have added you to my links as well, thanks!
    Jennifer Ramos


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