Very Impressed !!

I was so impressed with the decor at the Altstadt Vienna Hotel in Austria, I had to post it. The wallpaper is so pretty and the chandelier in the center of the room is so amazing! The way the bathtub sits off to the side of the with no walls for privacy- so you better not be shy. These sexy rooms were added in June 2006, they go by the name Matteo Thun rooms, after the famous italian architect who designed them.



  1. holy wow! this hotel is very romantic looking. Nice place to go for a honeymoon.


  2. Michael M @ FreshomeApril 15, 2007

    I really like that Felix picture. :)

  3. Grogeous come we can't get truly edgy design in hotels like this in the States?

  4. WOW! I love the bathroom. The wallpaper is great too. Very cool.

  5. Fabulous. Love that bath

  6. Everyone seems to LOVE the bathtub, i think its one of the coolest features in the room. the fact that its out in the open is so sexy and romantic. I want to go here with my mr. right!


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