2 Great Decor Ideas!

Here are 2 interesting decor ideas I found on Women24. Make your kitchen more inviting by creating a nook for seating – real important in a busy kitchen. Built-in seating is always comfortable & looks great. Adding pink curtains will create a soft light and a warm feeling to the nook. Also, If you've been thinking about wallpaper lately, but aren't too sure. How about opting for stencils? Not only is wallpaper expensive & hard to apply, it also limits your choice of colors and patterns. Find a pattern you like and have it lasercut into a stencil. Choose strong colors that complement each other or muted colors like mother-of-pearl as an accent for a softer interior. The 2 lower images are from Stencil Library.



  1. for eat in kitchens or even dining rooms, i think banquette seating is the way to go. it makes the space so much more intimate and cozy. that little nook is great and saves so much space as an eatting/sitting area.

    thanks for sharing

  2. I would love to add a banquet in my re-design of my kitchen....but i might expand the kitchen so might be no space...
    But it does make for good space if you add one, i agree.


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