November 1, 2012

DIY: Leopard Print Tray

Hi All, Happy Nov 1st! It's Jana here to share a DIY to update your trays for the new Season. With the weather turning a little more crisp & cool I look for simple ways to transition my decor accordingly!

Inspiration for this DIY came from a project I saw on Martha Stewart over the summer. Since my lacquer tray is a mainstay when I entertain, I loved that I finally had a solution to the inevitable sliding of drinks and h'orderves on the glossy surface. 

To add an autumnal twist, I decided painting leopard spots on the cork would add the perfect punch of personality.

Cork (cut to size of your tray base)
Brown & Black Paint
Gloss Varnish

Cut the sponge in various round and oval shapes, add in a few kidney bean shapes as well.

 Sponge brown spots on tray - vary the sizes so a larger spot is surrounded by slightly smaller spots.

Sponge black spots around the brown spots. I found pairing 1 black spot to 1 brown, 2 black to 1 brown, 4 black to one brown, and fully encircling the brown dot with black dots created the most natural patterns.

Coat the gloss varnish over entire surface. 

Make drinks & treats, add a few flowers and you are set for the perfect Indian Summer afternoon!

-Photos by Erik Melvin

-post by jana bek



Boi Yeanoh Adams said...

Such a col Idea. Need something like this for my office

Kurt said...

Jana, this looks so great! And it looks like the varnish slightly darkens the cork - I love that!

Elli said...

This is very cool!!I will do it!!Thank you for sharing!Super!!:)

Carly Holstein said...

so cute...and so simple!


ps indian summers sure past in Chicago!

Bear said...

Very cute! Looks like something you could get the little ones to help with. Might be a nice "teacher" gift! Include some treats, teas, and other niceties!

Bear said...

Very cute! Looks like something the little ones could help with. Can't help but think it would be a great "teacher" gift. Include some teas and treats with other niceties!

Just Another Shopaholic said...

How cute, loving this tray!!

Cytryna said...

Such a talent!

Hooper Patterson and Ann White Schutte said...

great idea! love it and it looks great!

Monica said...

Definitely one of the cooler projects I've come across lately. Leopard print is so hot right now!


Lori Lubbe said...

Thats a brilliant idea! i'll keep this in mind for when we have winter on our side!

Thanks for the share!

Chantelle said...

Eeeek that's genius! I've been wanting a lucite tray since I saw them on this blog. But this is such a cute way of updating them without buying another one. I'd also do a pastel chevron print for the spring/summer!

Miss City Chic said...

wow you are so creative and talented!!!!

Martina said...

So cool and yet it seems so easy! Thanks x

cinzee said...

Love this DIY,how couldi not?!Big fan of leopard prints:)


caviar taste said...

This is absolutely adorable. Such a great DIY. Thanks so much for sharing!

Shana said...

Absolutely love this idea! I really want to try this :)

Lavender Loafers said...

Amazing! I love it!

Welcome to my blog

Life, Loves...... said...

That is cool out

inggirl64 said...

okay I have to admit, as I was scrolling through the photos I thought "this is going to look like shit"

But its totally cute- bravo so much more talented than me.

The Craft-Arty Kid said...

Great technique for painting leopard print. Thanks!


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