For Sale...


After arriving in NYC...I realized I don't need the black & white SPOTTED pillows I had in my guest bedroom. I think I'll be selling a couple more items now that I know how much space (I don't have)....ha!

Fun facts about the cushions:
  • 2 pillows covers with 2 down inserts 
  • nice & fluffy 
  • 16"x16"  
  • both have zipper enclosures for easy washing & changing out! 
  • great condition & come from a smoke free home
  • used only as display on guest bed
  • pattern is on back & front of pillows 
  • only selling as a pair
  • $55 each

 If you're interested in purchasing them, email me.  First person to email & pay gets them!

Nightstands are from Target

-image by jen ramos


Ashlyn said...

such cute pillows! wish i needed them :]

Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

my husband would kill me if i tried to put another pillow in our apartment- but they are darling!~


gen@terracetwenty-nine said...

The pillows are gorgeous but I am absolutely in love with those mirrored side tables! Stunning!

-Gen x

Karena said...

Oh someone will snap these right up!
Wish I had a spot for them. Hee!

Art by Karena!

Lily said...

LOVE these !!!


Angie said...

I can so relate! We had a huge moving sale before we moved to NYC and we were congratulating ourselves on the downsizing.. until we got here and found that even our carefully curated stuff didn't fit. So more Craigslisting ensued. Welcome to New York!

Hi, I'm Caren said...

where did you get those awesome little night stands? I adore!!

Lovely Zeynep said...

I am in love with your decoration style. Where can we find those black&white table lamps?

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