July 17, 2013


I had the pleasure of being invited to the Julie Vos showroom to view the newest jewelry in her beautiful collection. Julie launched her collection in 2006 & is a fantastic jewelry designer, with a GREAT EYE for detail! She's based out of NYC & I couldn't wait to meet her & see my favorite pieces from the Acorn collection. Her line also includes beautiful scarves as well as a few ornate clutches.

Julie was VERY pleasant & easy-going - I had already heard so many nice things about her so I decided to bring her a gift with my visit. A gold LOVE print - to match all her pretty gold jewelry! Below is an inside look at her showroom & her office space, which I loved.  She is such an INSPIRATION to me in my own thankful to have met her! All of these jewels can be found on her site here.

Julie in her office

Some of the pieces Julie gave me - I'll be wearing these often, so I'm sure you'll be seeing them in my instagram pics! So pretty no?

Below is another fave - the gold arrowhead necklace.

Chunky gold bracelets - all available at Julie Vos

Tell me, what do you think of her pieces?

-images by jen ramos


Angelica Golden said...

So much chunkiness--love it! I really like those chunky bracelets and the elephant pendant.

Nicole Michelle Centers said...

What a gorgeous collection of pieces!

I love that gold ring you tried on :)



Spearmint Baby said...

oooh, I cannot get enough! I LOVE the ring you went home with. (& sooo many others!) I am super in to statement rings right now.

Thanks for the introduction to Julie Vos.


Danielle {Envision Pretty} said...

I am dying... that looks like so much fun! What an inspiring place to be!


Lubica Tothova said...

Amazing...I love the little gold ring...


Adris World said...

Beautiful! LOVE the acorn gold and black ring.


Alison Dulaney said...

Her pieces are beautiful! Looks like a fun day:)

Limezinnias Design said...

Pretty and trendy! Love them!

Louisem said...

Wow...thank you so much for sharing...I've been looking for some unique looking items and just spent the last hour on the Julie Vos website...have many items on my wish list now.Thank you so much for sharing.

Love your blog...

Pip said...

Wow, she is definitely so talented! Her acorn collection is fab and as a jewelry designer no one will ever really know about, I love to see women like her and get motivated to push myself some more! You have a really great blog dear! Just discovered it tonight and am following and looking forward to more! I would love if you could visit me sometime! xx Pip

Easy Outfits by Pip

*** KITSCH *** said...

I think they are amazing
Love the one you got
But love the big ones too!

Alicia Mackin said...

Oh wow Jen, such great pieces!!

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Sara said...

wow! i am really loving her pieces. so unique with an middle eastern twist:)


Brooklyngirl said...

What collection is the open gold ring from (The one you are sporting with your red nails). Peeped her website and did not see but have GOT TO HAVE IT.

TSO OTM said...

Beautiful Jewelry. My favorite, the elephant ring.

xx, C


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