July 10, 2013

My Jewels Wishlist

I'm a ring, bracelet & necklace kinda gal

For whatever reason I'm not that into earrings. My husband always found that to be odd, since so many women wear earrings. Anyone else earring-less like me?? 

So, because I don't DO earrings I end up filling my jewelry drawer with necklaces, rings & bracelets. Lately my wishlist includes any of these below. Dying to get this Gold Shark necklace from ShopKei and of course the Acorn ring by Julie Vos

Are any of these your style?? Which of these could you see yourself wearing??

-post by jen ramos


Carissa said...

Such a sucker for the sharks tooth!


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

carsissa: I agree, that's my fave!

ADRI'S WORLD said...

Oh I too love the shark tooth! But that Kelly Wearstler necklace is amazing!

Wow, really no earrings?

Adri /

Lisa said...

I am a bracelet and ring girl for sure. I love this cross ring! As far as earrings, I tend to wear the same two or three pair all the time, so I guess you could say I am not that big into earrings either!

The Now said...

Oh yay I have that floating knuckle ring and wear it All.The.Time. I just discovered Shopkei last week and must add some of the necklaces to my neck immediately! xoxo

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

I'm totally the opposite! I never leave without earrings and haven't worn a necklace since my wedding night. These fab finds could just convert me tho ;)

Angelica said...

I'm really into necklaces at the moment. The Kelly Wearstler is fab, but the Shopkei or Coletta are more within my budget.


Jamy of Fourth Street said...

I think I'd take the necklace J as well. Although all were stunning. xo.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

@ELISA- Ha! that's interesting...i feel odd without a necklace...whereas you probably feel strange without earrings i bet!

Abby said...

Love Julie Vos!! It's on sale at One Kings Lane right now!

avee said...

Yup me neither! Although I do have a total of 5 holes in my ears (I realize thats an odd number!) I never bother changing my earrings. I am so a bracelets/bangles and necklace girl. Love the Kelly Wearstler necklace and i am a sucker for layering my necklaces too!

Brittany Reynolds said...

That knuckle ring is to die for!

Thanks for sharing!


Ashley Taylor said...

That shark tooth necklace is badass :)

xo Ashley

Kim Shorb said...

I must know where the image on the left with the monogram/tassel necklace is from! I love both!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Kim: it's from bauble bar.

Kim Shorb said...

Thanks :-)


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