Bathroom Re-do by Jessica of Alice Lane

Jessica over at Alice Lane re-designed her sister's bathroom & I was so impressed with the after pictures that I saved them for my inspiration files.  I love how the white subway tiles look against the dark chocolate brown walls and the Venetian mirror- what a statement piece?!?! Don't you think? 

I was really considering something like this for my master bathroom, but with 2 mirrors....however, Venetian mirrors can be so costly!!
If anyone knows of a good source for Venetian mirrors under $400 a piece, let me know! 

Did you notice the cute HAND DRAWN design sketch that Jessica drew?!? 

Its hung on the wall !! What a cute & CREATIVE way to keep the memory of the bathroom re-do!  

You WON'T BELIEVE how Jessica did all this!! Read about it here.


If you're in Utah or heading there....Jessica also has a lovely showroom there by the same name as her blog, Alice Lane. 

1350 South State Street 
Orem, Utah

-images via alice lane


  1. Oh my goodness. Are you kidding me? What an incredibly transformation! I am also very impressed. The colors are great and that mirror definitely takes the cake! Wonderful job - heading to her site now to check it out :)

  2. That bathroom is gorgeous... I love every little detail! Wisteria has a gorgeous Venetian mirror for $199! Here is the link!

  3. Impressive! I don't know many people who would use chocolate brown for their bathroom walls, it looks amazing! Very inspirational pictures! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. ooooooooooooooh, LOVE the images from her store!

  5. You may want to try Gallery 84 for Venetian mirrors.
    The prices on the mirrors varies with size, but it's worth a shot.
    Cheers, Alcira

  6. I LOVE it, I am doing a master bath make over right now and blogging about it, and it all started with a venitian mirror that I got....but this bath is so beautiful...wish i could keep up!

  7. love that mirror! and that bathroom!
    Just put one in a client's home from Horchow ... we got an extra 20% off this cost :

  8. That is one hell of a mirror over that new vanity! Very nice!

  9. Stunning! What a beautiful redo! I adore the sink.

  10. these ladies at Alice Lane really know how to stand out, I really like this makeover. Beautiful colors

  11. This is really WOW!!!

  12. Gorgeous bathroom! It's so pretty and sophisticated now. The Venetian mirror and the subway tiles are so beautiful!


  13. Swooning over that bathroom... oh. my. word. ;) And as a dental hygienist, I completely agree with the choice of the toothbrushes too! lol New to your blog, but loving it so much!

  14. what i think makes it so great is the combo of the mirror with the subway tile--the image wouldn't be the same without it! i also love the chest/vanity--it's a beautiful, eclectic room!

  15. oh! meant to tell you that home decorators has one that's similar for around $200. not quite the same thing, but it just may work for your bathroom. i ordered one for my client but had to return it b/c it ended up not feeling right in the room. still, it's gorg and a steal for the price!


  16. That is just blow-my-socks-off gaawww-geous :D I now have an incredible urge to redo my bath.

  17. The mirror in the bathroom is gorgeous! I am trying to find something similar.


  18. Wow what an amazing bathroom, she really transformed the whole ambience! Well Wisteria has a cheap venetian mirror!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  19. That mirror is just GORGEOUS!! Love her little drawing!
    Talent and great design taste!!

  20. omg that bathroom looks amazing!


  21. A gorgeous transformation! I love to see before and after pictures. Ax

  22. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    This is such a glamourous bathroom!! x

  23. What a gorgeous transformation. I love the simplicity of the vessel sink. Nicely done!

  24. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    What an amzing job and shop. Thanks for comment on blog. Have a wonderful weekend Jen xx

  25. love it. the mirror is lovely. the chair is super cute too.
    reminds me of the three chairs i have sitting in my house that need to be reupholstered.
    happy weekend jen
    manvi @ mochatini

  26. wow! that bathroom is GORGEOUS! and that mirror...if you find a cheaper one, let me know too ;)


  27. ABODE LOVE: oh! cool, i will check it out thanks!! :)))

  28. IVANNA VIDAL: I agree, its not a color i would have thought of...i would've went more for a charcoal or even a black... :)

    ALCIRA: Thanks will take a look!

    KATHY: Nice! I will check out your blog - i love watching bathroom re-do's! good luck with yours!

    KERRI: Ha! thank you- glad you're enjoying my blog!! ox!

    DAYKA: Ooh! I just saw i, its nice...but it probably wouldnt work in my space either. The ceilings are high so i think a taller piece would be better. Thank you!

    ASHELEY NICOLE: If i find a cheaper one- i will be blogging about it! :)

  29. Gorgeous!! Love how she took the entryway piece and turned it into the sink/vanity! Breathtaking!!

  30. What a gorgeous bathroom! I love that the flooring stayed, and complimented the new look so nicely!

  31. Ok... saw this today and thought of your duo venetian mirror need.
    Not totally the same but definitely affordable.

  32. I LOOOVE It! I am in the middle of doing my bathroom and I am in search of the marble counter top for the ikea dresser that I am using. I'm thinking it will come out similar to that one, but different;)
    I will be going to Utah, my family live there and I'm originally from there and now live in Miami. Orem is far, but maybe worth the visit. The store looks adorable.

  33. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    I love the bathroom mirror! It's a masterpiece!


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