A Student's Budget Friendly Home...(Via Made By Girl)

I love home tours & ours is almost coming to an end.  However, it did so well I may do another call for submissions late NEXT MONTH - we'll see! Either way, I tend to really appreciate a home that looks lived in and makes you feel like you can also do something similar! They're real. 

So that's why the home tours here are SIMPLE, real and mostly AFFORDABLE. This next one is by a student in Norway who also blogs at Passion For Poison

I'm certain that for MANY of you.... when you see HIGH END homes being featured you may not be able to relate...it leaves you thinking......"a $3,000 dresser?? I might as well keep my West Elm one for now".    

The decor may be a tad bit out of reach as well as the ability to hire an Interior Designer, not a chance.......I can see why so many decide to DIY. 

In fact she's been decorating on a budget because of school costs and has managed to decorate her office for only $230!!  She used OLD furniture as well as adding a few small inexpensive details to the mix!  

So, if you're a student living on a BUDGET, Johanna's place can definitely serve as inspiration!

thanks to Jannica for sending this home to me! 

-images via passion for poison


  1. oh it's really adorable! I love the kitchen table as a desk in the middle!! Too cute ...that works well for laptop users. Love all the pink and black ...reminds me of my office, lol ...and Yes to the DIY route.

  2. She did a really great job. The dining room is my favorite.

  3. This home tour is fab! I would have never thought it was on a student's budget, but I can totally relate to her. LOVE the "his" and "her" hooks. I might need this in my home so my hubby knows where to hang his clothes. He seems to take over my space sometimes. Thanks for sharing Jen!

  4. This is gorgeous! I really hope you continue the home tour series. I adore it and have followed it from the beginning, even though I have never left a comment! I am getting ,married in October and your blog has been such a source of inspiration for me, for setting mine and my hubby-to-be's new home!

  5. CHANTAL: Congratulations! I will see what I can do...but I think i may bring back this series, just not sure when exactly. :) Maybe sooner than we think!

  6. I have loved all your home tours, but this is the first comment I have left. This home does seem real to me and that is what is so appealing about it. Thank you for the constant source of inspiration!


  7. Jen,

    I'm really loving this place. I'm so happy to see REAL spaces with REAL budge! It's great to dream the most expensive things, but when it comes to bring it home we need to be smart where to shop.

    This place is FUN!

    Hope you have a very blessed day, Jen.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  8. goodnes gracious!!! this is so perfect! just the kind of inspiration i needed, afordable inspiration is always good ;)

  9. Her home is really charming, lovely and full of personality. I just love the way she decorated her bedroom, dining area, kitchen and office. And all her pillows are very pretty, too!

    Jen, like what Chantel said, I really hope you can continue with the home tour series! It's one of my favorite features on this blog.
    Thanks for sharing!


  10. I've decided I need to get that print of Audrey:)
    Love the bold use of colors in these rooms!
    Have a great week Jen!
    :) Anna

  11. I've recently found your blog and i love it!!
    and i also love the home tours, so hope i'll see more!
    xx, Ana

  12. SO LOVELY <3

  13. How cute !! Love what I think is the entry way, the dining room and her office ! Great style for being on a budget !!


  14. What a beautiful home! It's surprising, and awesome, that she was able to create such a stylish space on a budget. Thank you for always providing such amazing inspiration! Love your blog!

    -Forever Lovely


  15. My absolute favourite thing is the yellow bed.

  16. I LOVE inspiration like this! So wonderful XO


  17. Great home - I love a budget friendly home tour!

  18. Thats a very nice house....love the dining area.



  19. This is really pretty and it's so surprising how little money was spent on that office!! Fabulous, talk about using your resources hey?
    Nancy xo

  20. Beautiful! You'd never know it was done on a budget!

  21. love the yellow frame bed!

    I like a mix of high and low- whatever your budget is.

  22. This is adorable! one of my fave rooms I must say. His and Hers hooks got me hooked :-)

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  23. Love that she did this on a budget, it looks great!

  24. Very inspirational! Such an adorable place!

  25. young,spontaneous, fun, colourfull, still very tastefull house. Love the yellow bed!

  26. Omg!
    Great pics!
    Lovely town eiffel <333

    Ivânia Diamond*

    Portuguese fashion blogger

  27. Ahh, talk about inspiration! I live in a studio apartment, and seeing how she was able to bring so much color to a tiny space is just what I need. I love the his and her hooks. I am in love! Thanks for sharing this post!

    -Sarah from livinglifelakeside.blogspot.com

  28. I love how she wasn't afraid to mix different colors, patterns and styles! Very chic for an apartment on a budget :)

  29. beautiful! doesn't look inexpensive at all!! x

  30. I NEVER had that good of taste when i was a student! Her place is gorgeous. Please do another call, that'll give me motivation to get my home picture ready!!

  31. I love these home tours specifically because they are done by real people on real budgets. As much as I love my House Beautiful and Elle Decor, I love what us normal people can accomplish and let's face it, it's always fun to see how others live!!


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