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Hi MadeByGirl readers, this is Sam from The Peak of Très Chic blog.  I am thrilled to be a new design contributor here on MBG!  In addition to blogging, I attend school and work as an interior designer in Houston- and am so excited to be here!

Today I wanted to share with you a peek at the new line of Farrow & Ball wallcoverings launching February 4!  I am sure many of you have heard of the infamous Farrow & Ball paint colors.   I love them for their high levels of pigment- use just about any F&B shade and you are sure to get a saturated, full color.  

Unlike their competitiors, Farrow & Ball doesn't have 100 shades of every color to choose from.  Instead, they have just over 130 paint colors total, but each shade packs a punch.   True to form, Farrow & Ball's wallpapers utilize the finest pigments and are offered in a variety of motifs.  Here are a few of my favorites:




And lastly, my very favorite:


I can picture it making a bold statement in an entryway:

Shop This Board:

Tessella Wallpaper $255/roll/Gem Light in Pink $165/each/Curvilinear Console $1,398/Sunflower Antiqued Wall Mirror $330/  Bliss Studio Elgar Chairs $1,563/each/Vintage Kilim Rug $900
 Which paper design is your favorite?

Access the wallpapers shown above and check out the full Farrow & Ball wallpaper collection here.

-post by samantha penner


Debbie Mendes Cotton said...

uh just fell in love!! I have been in the market for wallpaper!! I just may order something right now! I love these! Thank you!! xoxo Debbie at Inspired Honey Bee

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

These are great! I love watching Mad Men for the design of the sets. Wallpaper was big back then. At work we are moving offices and there is oodles of great wall paper on the free table. They are left over from shoots and we get to help ourselves!

Ali of

Nin said...

Love the first one! And the mirror..Oh my god the mirror...

Just Another Shopaholic said...

These are such gorgeous prints, it's hard to find a favorite.

Chantelle said...

That teselle wallpaper is gorgeous. I can't wait to have my own space one day. I'm so afraid of ruining something in my rental apartment and paying through the nose for it. :(

Sarah said...

Fabulous! I love wallpaper and all of these are so stylish, love that last one too - ;-)

Maggie Adofo said...

Third one down and last one on the list are my absolute favorites! I can totally picture them in my own room now.

Love Scrapbook

Amberly said...

I am going crazy for that ocelot paper! I can envision using that in so many of my dream rooms haha!

Natalia Skałecka said...

Wow. Fantastic patterns perfect for my room!

Anna said...

I love the Lotus print wallpaper, especially on a small wall just as a "simple" highlight/unexpected touch. I`d use that in a dressing room or a shorter hallway, perhaps.

Un coup d'aile said...

amazing pics!! i love them all.. i know how wonderfull F&B is but right now to expensive for me... one day, ill keep my fingers crossed!

Inês said...

love it!

Karen Davis said...

Perfect I must say. Lovely design wallpapers. Some day i will paint my room with this. Just my room ;-)
Farrow & Ball paints

Sadie + Stella said...

Of course this post is done by Sam! It is totally the shit. I need that rug!

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