I've been quite busy the last few days fulfilling orders (Yay!) and taking classes at the University. Today I had a break and I came across these interesting images. I LOVE how words can conjure a feeling in us even when there is no picture involved. They can be intense and emotional...sometimes even inspiring us in our own lives. Here are some examples I wanted to share with you all.

* this one above from: Andre Jordan UK

*Image above from French Vogue: Lola is Beauty Blog

* this one above from: unknown : (

*this one above from: Sara Jane Blog


  1. I love the second to last one, tis a shame we don't know whence it came from...words rule! =)
    - Jessie -

  2. i'M GUILTY...the 2nd to last is also my favorite one! Although Andre Jordan's site is quite funny and he has so many cool paintings with just words..! Love him.

  3. I really like the 3rd quote and I totally agree that words do evoke feelings even with no pictures. Congrats on being busy filling orders, that's great!

  4. words are a powerful thing :)

    that last one made me laugh!
    thanks for sharing and i'm so glad to hear the orders are coming in. way-ta-go girl!!!

    jenn lee~

  5. Hi Jenn

    Its funny....the last one i think can mean several things hmmm...hehe

  6. LOVE these. thanks for the post!

  7. i love all of these - and couldn't agree with you more. andre jordan s one of my favorites... but the last one is priceless! sounds like something i would write on a postcard...

  8. I love the one about the imagination filling in the gaps...it's so honest :)

  9. These remind me of PostSecret. I have one of the books and find it so fascinating.


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