BEAUTY: Frizz Busters

Everyone has something that they do not like about their hair, for me—it is frizz. And in my case, my “frizzy” hair is the byproduct of damaged, porous hair that has stretched and then broken off.

Unfortunately, there is no reversing this damage, but it can be made less noticeable by using the right product. The right product will temporarily seal the ends and will use ingredients that smooth the hair shaft by coating it and making the hair lay flat.

I am currently using the Monoi Repairing Anti Breakage Spray from the Carol’s Daughter haircare line, which I was introduced to at the Lucky FABB conference. It is a wonderful product and really helps with the detangling which is one of the first steps in preventing further breakage. I also included the Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer. I have not used this product yet, but based on the one I am currently using, I do plan on purchasing it.

I am also considering the Caviar Perfect Iron Spray, it is supposed to protect hair up to 450 degrees and if you are like me and have to blow dry and flat iron your hair on a daily basis, a product that protects it from heat is a must have. The Hot Toddy Heat Protecter by Drybar has also piqued my interest. I like that this product helps to reduce friction, because friction will also make damaged hair look more frizzy. I discovered this when I use to curl my hair by wrapping it around the barrel and not using the clamp. Curling your hair using this method causes it to slide up and down the the barrel, which is more or less like rubbing it against the barrel — and we all know what happens when you rub your hair on a balloon—not pretty! But a product that helps cut down on friction will certainly help with the appearance of frizz.

And the Climate Control Gel by Ouidad, this I must try. A gel that combats heat and humidity? Bring it on! I live in New York which is famous for it’s hot, sweltering, and humid summers. So come next June I will be adding this to my shopping list for sure. Finally, The Full Thickening Cream by Living Proof is a product I have used in the past, it is very light and has a wonderful scent—not too sweet. It helps by adding volume and coating the hair shaft. Damaged hair is generally thinner then healthy hair due to breakage, so a thickening cream can definitely be a big help. Well I hope this helps you bust your frizzies!

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