Food: Carrot Apple Juice

Hello, MBG readers! Fallon, of Sage + Sparkle here, sharing a healthy treat...Carrot Apple Juice. At the start of a new year, who doesn't love a good detox, and juice or smoothies are the perfect way to start. I typically have a fresh green juice every morning, but there are days that I love to throw in a little variety and this juice is the perfect way to do so. Carrots are really the star in this recipe, helping to cleanse the digestive system, on top of being an antioxidant, and boosting your immune system. Add in the apple and ginger, plus lemon and chia seeds and you have a winning, healthy combination.  

*Please note: you will need a juicer to try this recipe, I recommend the this one

  • 1 green apple (cut into pieces, removing the core)
  • 4-5 large carrots *
  • 1 sm piece of fresh ginger (about the size of thumb)
  • 1 lemon (peeled)
Fun Fact: When it comes to carrots, the deeper the orange, the higher the concentration of beta-carotene


Now it's time to add everything together and enjoy this delicious, fresh juice! Add all ingredients to juice in the following order (the order does matter):
  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Carrot

The last step is to add the chia seeds. Make sure you stir the juice first, to mix in the foam. Pour in chia seeds and stir. Enjoy! To learn more about the health benefits of chia seeds, click here. For more of my juice recipes, visit Sage + Sparkle


-post and recipe by Fallon Carmichael, Sage + Sparkle



Maggie Adofo said...

This looks like such a delicious recipie looks delicious. I will definitely try this.

Maggie A

Christina Perraki said...

Great recipe! I'm surely going to try this!!!!

Chloe Moon said...

OOoo I just got a blender for Christmas so I've been needing some new smoothie recipes! I have to try this! =)


Linh Vo said...

This looks fantastic and love incorporating the chia seeds and ginger into the mix. I think 3 of my friends got juicers for Christmas and have been asking me to juice with them. I'll have to send them this recipe :) Thanks for sharing!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I'm with Linh on this one, I love putting chia seeds into certain things...plan to do more of this this year...

Kreatywna said...

Mmm... Jummy! :)

Sasa Zoe said...

Love the recipe. So motivated:) <3

Maggie Adofo said...

I tired this in smoothie form and LOVED it! :) Thanks for sharing.

Maggie A

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