A bit of MadeByGirl news

A few things - we've updated the homepage of MadeByGirl for the Holidays! There are several cute pics, check them out when you can. Also, thanks to Kelly from Fabulous K for the zebra paper inspiration - we had to add it onto our page as well! 

Funny story, I walked into Paper Source (where I bought it from) & the girls at the counter were excited to meet me, telling me they read my blog! Too cute!  
Paper Source is awesome, I've been using their wrapping paper for Holiday gifts for a couple years now. LOOOOOOOOVE them! 

If you don't have a paper source in your town, I'm crying for you now. Check them out online.

MadeByGirl has also been featured in several Holiday gift guides this year, I can barely keep up! I'm super grateful to all the editors!! Here are a few I didn't highlight yet that you should def check out! 

DON'T FORGET!! If you're going to order in time for Christmas - you have to order by December 16th (USA) - unfortunately the deadline for overseas past on the 12th. Happy shopping!

 We'll be adding some new items to MadeByGirl 
in the new year - stay tuned!

And last but not least - it was cool to be able to gift a few prints to the gals over at Blogshop
Thank you for the cute pics ladies!


casadeberry.net said...

I love Paper Source, I use their paper for lots of crafts, and now they have washi tape so I'm going tomorrow. I spend way too much money there.

Ashley Taylor said...

Funny story: I am also wishing for Ryan Gosling this year. Wrapped in only a bow... :D

xo Ashley

Mimosa Lane said...

I love papersource....thank goodness we have one in Dallas! Congrats on being in so many gift guides....those that get gifted your work are some lucky gals!

Elizabeth Vaughn said...

Paper Source is the best!!! I have been all about some zebras lately...love those bangles that are coming!!!

Nicolle said...

We just got a Paper Source in Scarsdale, NY Im actually going over today! LOVE that place


Laura Dro Designs said...

I'm crying for myself as well...moved out of Chicago-home of Paper Source. There were 3 super close to me, and my new city has zero. But, that's ok I have the internet. Congrats on all the great mentions for the holidays. Your blog always looks so cozy and festive!


Dawna said...

Hi Ashley Taylor,
Funny story,my brother wishes the same thing! hahaha!!!!

Stacey said...

I love Paper Source too! We don't have one here, but I shop online all the time(especially when I'm planning my kiddos' b'day parties)

anna | Today I like Blog said...

wow so many nice mentions!!!

I also love Paper Source :)

really like the web page new look for the holidays!

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} said...

Seriously beautiful photos on your homepage!

Catherine Kowalik Harper said...

So excited for those new bracelets!!!

Martina said...

I love your shop, I could really buy everything - but my favourites are the accessories and paintings. Lovely xx

Laura Trevey said...

Awesome blogshop photos ~ so fun!!

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