Lovely Giveaway...

Go on over to the LA LA Lovely blog if you're interested in GIVEAWAYS. This time, the author of the blog, Trina McNeilly is giving away one of our own 'MadeByGirl' posters. If YOU win, you can choose one of these lovely designs below!

Her contest is pretty SIMPLE, she needs help on how to decorate her family room:

*leave a comment with your suggestions or ideas.

*You can leave more than one comment if you have a brilliant idea that wakes you up in the night - ha! However, your name can be selected only one time for the drawing.

*She will choose 3 ideas/suggestions that she likes best, then will do a drawing for the winner. The contest will end on Sunday night at Midnight!

*The lucky winner can choose their favorite Made By Girl poster & she'll have the poster sent directly to you!

That's it! So go on over & give your suggestion here. Good luck!


  1. happened upon your blog today. it's great.

  2. Thanks, Jen!!!! How very sweet of you! Have a great day!
    xx Trina

  3. great present, but i cant give it to my buddys because i´m a guy and that would send "wrong" vibes ^^

  4. You are becoming quite a design superstar! Cool. How are you doing? Thanks for stopping over at my blog. It means a lot to me.

  5. I'll make my way there now! ;)

  6. first time visitor, really love your blog and your prints. Am planning on ordering some soon!

    I would love, love to bring your "deeply madly in love" print with us for our wedding in Jamaica. I just need to figure out if I can pack a frame or not, but I think it would look so cute as decor for our reception!

  7. Hi,

    I came on your blog today via
    I really love it, it's very insprireing!

  8. Of course Trina! .....You're welcome!

  9. Hiya Tiffany...Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice comments on my work. I'd suggest if you order one of the prints and want to take it to JAMAICA...that you take it in a tube. That way it is totally protected. We ship them out in tubes so that would be all you need. Once you get to Jamaica, I'm sure you could buy a frame. : ) Just a thought.

  10. I'm doing great LPE....thanks for asking. Busy, busy...with classes and juggling the biz. I'm so happy in the direction things have gone and that more people are taking notice of my work. YAY! : )
    i HOPE YOU are well !

  11. Hey GEEK...ha! Yea that would send the wrong is something you could give to a gf though. : P

  12. Wow - I love your style, your shop, and your blog! Amazing. :)

  13. For decorating of your family room I would suggest getting couches in a durable material and also sectional couches will allow more seating spaces.
    Elaine R


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