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September 4, 2013

My Office Gallery Wall + Tips

After months of thinking of whether or not I should do a gallery wall in my office, I have officially taken the plunge. I admit, I was inspired by Michelle Adams & her gorgeous NYC bedroom (last photo) and so that led to removing the large piece I had, & incorporating the gallery wall.  For the wall, I used mostly MADE BY GIRL (my own) pieces & some other random photography.  The figure drawings are by Chance Lee - a fantastic artist from Taiwan that I love ......& Kate Moss, well, it was a gift. All the frames you see below can be purchased via my shop. We have gorgeous shiny gold, matte gold, black matte frames & more!

The Kate Moss gold-corner frame was a DIY project we did, which we'll add onto the blog soon!

If you're looking to install a gallery wall,  here's a good way to start:


I decided to add most of my own art, because it inspires me & reminds me to keep creating. You should be able to know what kind of art you'd enjoy looking at everyday. This wall is in my office so it's a wall I look at pretty much ever single day. So, yes, I will be looking at Kate's face on a daily basis...oh well, she's gorgeous right? I find that mixing word art with photographic ones gives the space a lot of interest. You may want to do something similar or just choose to add personal photos of your family & so on. For me, I'm  not big on personal photos all over our apartment & neither is my husband. We prefer random art over personal shots. We tend to keep those to a minimum. But remember, select art that inspires, makes you smile, and that you love.


MADE BY GIRL offers a variety of gorgeous custom frames. You can order them on their own from my shop or add it to the artwork before checkout. Custom framing looks amazing & is pricier, but if you're on a budget - you can always try IKEA.  They have a variety of sizes for under $200.

/// PLAN IT OUT ///

Think about where you want to place each piece of art.  See what pieces look good next to each other & try not to place all similar colors & styles together. As you can see, both my black prints are away from each other. This creates a more balanced look. Also, the higher you place the gallery on the wall, the taller the space will feel. Drawing a diagram with proper measurements on a piece of paper will really help keep you organized. Feel free to play around with different arrangements, that's what we did. You can cut-out shapes of each frame by using poster board and tape each one onto the wall where you will place the artwork.  This is a great way to move the shapes around & get an idea of what it will look like before committing to anything. Remember, you don't want a bunch of extra holes in the wall. Have fun!

 Ta da! The close-up.

Here's the roundup of most of the art featured on my wall. You can purchase them via MADE BY GIRL

And here is my husband helping put everything up - so sweet!

-top 3 images by jen ramos
-last image by patrick cline

May 10, 2013

Cocoa & Hearts

Thanks to Cassidy for sharing this gorgeous pic of her workspace - that happens to include one of my Cocoa & Hearts paintings! Love it!  I will be adding more new pieces this month stay tuned!!

Do you have a photo you'd like to share with your Cocoa & Hearts painting?? I'd love to see it!  Email me.

April 17, 2013

Design: Office Inspiration

Hello, hello!  It's Sam from The Peak of Très Chic, back with another lovely dose of decor.  I recently participated in the One Room Challenge with 20 other design bloggers across the country.  We were each given the task of designing a room within a tight 6 week timeline, and sharing our gradual progress with readers each week.  

I chose to design a home office, and in the process of research became quite inspired by chic desktops and desktop accessories:

Although the office I designed for the challenge was quite bold and textured, I've recently become more drawn to streamlined, less-cluttered offices, with just a few pops of color:

Shop This Office:

Colored Pencil Set with Brass Holder $82/Lola Donahue Fashion Illustration $30/Gem Lamp in Steel Blue $165/Z-Gallerie Lacquer Desk $499/Clayton Home Lucite Chair $380/Green Leopard Lumbar $165

I've been eyeing that leopard lumbar for weeks now.  It would be such a fun pop of color when paired with a lacquered desk and lucite chair, don't you think?

{All office images above via Lonny Magazine}

June 20, 2011

Rhiannon's Girl Cave...(Made By Girl)

Welcome back everyone!! Did you all have a great weekend? Mine went ok.... a couple of mishaps but as always, we get through these things. 

Today, I'm so excited to bring you a VERY long post showcasing a pretty little office from Rhiannon - (who's a full time wedding stylist, planner & blogger at Hey Gorgeous!) 

She's currently renting but managed to put together a gorgeous office space she calls 'GIRL CAVE' in her apartment!  

Here she is describing the office in her own words:

I'm a full time wedding stylist, planner and blogger so I spend a lot of time looking at pretty things from the comfort of my own home. Not a bad gig huh? The only problem is, when you don't have a designated work space that's inspirational to you and your job, working from home makes it painfully hard to stay on task. 

So even though my husband and I are renting a small two bedroom apartment in Michigan (while we find the perfect lot to build our first home on!) and we're limited on what we can do with our awkwardly spaced floorplan, I got right to work doing the best I could to transform our second bedroom into an office. Thankfully I MARRIED a guy who doesn't mind painting pink walls, right?


After shopping around for furniture (how have I never even had my own desk?!), adding a few coats of paint, a trip to IKEA and combining my collection of vintage treasures, I morphed this room into an inspirational work space that has quickly turned into one of my most favorite places to be. 

And one which is now lovingly called the 'girl cave' by my clients, friends and family. 

I've since traded out the blue nail head chair for two armless, purple-gray velvet versions so I can now welcome couples and clients into my home for consults and meetings but from 9 - 5 there's no where else I'd rather be than in the girl cave; with my furry assistant, Chenks, my fur baby of 12 years. We both think that every creative chick should have a cave of her own!

{Where to Buy}

desk - World Market

gray desk chair - World Market

rug -

blue nailhead chair - HomeGoods

lamp base - IKEA

lamp shade - Target

book case - IKEA

pillows - handmade by me

blue tea cart, cake stands, silver frame - all vintage and collected over the years

wire letter R - Anthropologie

white rhino head - West Elm

milkglass vases - etsy

keep calm print - etsy

white and turquoise dresses - Lulus

beaded necklace - Aldo

white shelf - IKEA

gray paint - Nimbus Cloud by Martha Stewart

pink paint also by Martha Stewart

Thanks so much for sharing your office Rhiannon!

October 5, 2010

Iomoi For My Office....(Via Made By Girl)

Remember when I posted about this amazing little shop here?  Well, I received my PRETTY PENS from IOMOI this past Friday & a few extra goodies (BIG thanks to iomoi) and I'm so HAPPY with everything! The matches are so sleek & stylish just like the pens & pencils.  The notepad is a pretty white & pink chevron pattern with lots of pages for notes, how cute?  It's literally sitting on my desk as we speak! 

I'll definitely be buying more items from their shop.... AND have you seen their elephant tape dispenser?? No, I didn't get it, but I swear I'm thinking about it!

images above by jen ramos

 elephant tape dispenser via iomoi


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