DESIGN: Sheepskin Rugs

Hi Dear decor lovers! It's Monika here from ohmydeco!  As the winter continues to make us wanna stay under the covers, it's more than necessary to make our homes as cozy as possible! And I don't now a more efficient way than to add some good old piece of fur to it! Really, is there anything more pleasant then get out of bed and feel the furry softness under your feet?

Sheep skin rugs are something I really love in the interiors as they are beautiful and totally affordable and create effortless and relaxed yet glamorous look. You can lay them on the floor or put over the furniture for even more coziness and, they match any style and add a bohemian, warm feeling to the space, making it more eclectic and personal. I love them most in simple spaces matched with colorful accessories and vintage pieces of furniture.

 Bedroom Via Smallshopstudio :: Living room Via :: Classyinthecity
Entry Via @mariskameijersamsterdam :: Work Space Via Pinterest

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  1. I'm in love with that zebra chair! And that side table would make a beautiful bar. Great picks!
    xx, Angelica

  2. wow...I
    Bastoni di fashion

  3. Sheepskin rugs are classic...i used to have like 3 in my home and one for each of my dogs... this was a few years ago when we lived in a house. Now living in an apt, the only one we have is for Darla (our boxer). Love them!


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